Thanks to the funds raised through the Golf Tournament, in 2016 the Air Canada Foundation donated a grand total of $1,417,535 to 45 registered Canadian charities and a little over 6.5 million Aeroplan Miles to 15 pediatric hospitals in Canada so that sick children could benefit from advanced medical treatments not available in their areas. Every day, over 4,900 children are treated at a children’s hospital in Canada. These hospital visits range from one-time care visits resulting from an accident to long-term treatment of acute, and in many cases complex, diseases.

Among other things, your support enables children’s hospitals to invest in research and programs and to purchase life-saving equipment in addition to helping various charitable organizations around the country that also advocate for the health and well-being of children.

Here are a few examples of how donations from the Air Canada Foundation help children’s hospitals across Canada:

  • Research offers the latest advances in medical knowledge: By supporting different kinds of innovations, hospitals like The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto can continue to be the benchmark for care that improves the health of children.
  • Special Family-Centred Care programs, such as Therapeutic Play, help empower and support families:. Much of the care provided in children’s hospitals is focused on a child’s physical well-being, but their emotional and mental health is equally important. This is why the Air Canada Foundation supports programs such as the music therapy program at Stollery Children’s Hospital.
  • Specialized equipment makes it possible to treat children of all ages: From monitors to ultrasounds, having state-of-the-art equipment of all sizes on hand to treat pediatric patients is critical to the life-saving care hospitals in Canada provide.

Each day, incredible feats are accomplished by the 15 children’s hospitals in Canada with the support of the Air Canada Foundation. It is thanks to donors like YOU and the Air Canada Foundation that these hospitals can provide the most up-to-date care for their patients.

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